About us

About Us

What is a Primary Care Network?

A Primary Care Network is a collaboration of GP Practices, who are geographically close together and serve the same community. They range in size, serving populations of around 30,000 to 50,000 patients. The PCN supports the provision of shared, accessible and coordinated primary and community care services, improving outcomes for patients.

With increased demands and a shortage of clinical staff, practices find they can provide greater, more personalised care for patients when they can work together on certain services or issues.

Take a look at this short animation from NHS England which explains how they work.

How do we work?

The Practices share some services because it is better for the patients. Key examples of this are COVID and Flu vaccination clinics and services such as the Social Prescriber Link Workers and the Care Coordinators, who support patients across all three Practices.

Why the name Torentum?

Thornton-Cleveleys is first mentioned in 1086 in the Domesday Book, where it was referred to as Torentum.

Meet Our Team

Our Leadership Team

Dr Felicity Guest

Clinical Director

Thornton Practice

Drs Waqaas and Fiaz Yousaf

Clinical Director

Cleveleys Group Practice

Dr Stephen Clarke

Clinical Director

The Crescent Surgery

Lisa Banks

PCN Manager

Katie Adamson-Benz

Clinical Lead

A PCN Manager builds the business infrastructure of the PCN, working alongside the Clinical Directors, all member practices and stakeholders. A PCN Manager’s role is to help the PCN evolve and execute the vision of the network.

The PCN Clinical Lead supports the PCN Manager and is responsible for clinical support and advice across the PCN, overseeing and coordinating the delivery of a number of projects, including the EHCH framework, as well as their own clinical practice clinics in all GP practices.

Social Prescriber Link Workers

Jo Carson

Social Prescribing Lead

Sarah Norton-Jones

Social Prescriber

Rachel Davis

Social Prescriber

Care Coordinators

Ginny Currey

Care Co-ordinator

Emma Gartside

Care Co-ordinator

Radka Wilson

Care Co-ordination Lead

Our Care Coordinator Team is led by Radka Wilson alongside Ginny Currey and Emma Gartside.

The Care co-ordinator’s will ensure patient health, and care planning is timely, efficient, and patient – centred. The role includes responsibilities for the co-ordination of the patient’s journey through primary care and secondary care. This is achieved by bringing together all the information about a person’s identified care and support needs and exploring options about what matters most to the patient, ensuring that their needs and wants are communicated to everyone involved in their patient journey.

Torentum Care co-ordinator’s are at the heart of our Wellbeing Hub, and can be contacted on 01253 954330 for any queries you may have.

Mental Health

Andy Craig

Mental Health Practitioner

Addie Beckwith

Associate Psychological Practitioner

Medicine Optimisation

Karina Vagner

PCN Clinical Pharmacist

Derrick Tay

PCN Clinical Pharmacist

Ginny Chui

PCN Clinical Pharmacist

Julie Frudd

Pharmacy Technician

The PCN Medicines Optimisation teams works with practice teams and colleagues across our member practices.  Our team consists of Clinical Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians who work collaboratively to improve value and outcomes from medicines by consulting and treating patients directly.  This includes providing extra help to manage long-term conditions, advice for those on multiple medicines and better access to health checks.

Paramedic Team

James Gorrie

PCN Paramedic

Katie Adamson – Benz

Advanced Clinical Practitioner Paramedic

Digital Team

Clive Green

PCN Digital Transformation Lead